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Speaking answering machine, Caller ID, Email Checker, Autodialer and more!
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Windows 8
May 8, 2014

About Active Phone Server

  • Answering machine plays back a greeting and records a message. Recorded messages are common wav-files.
  • Caller ID displays caller ID information when call is received. Customizable voice/melodies for each phone number.
  • ISP Dialer dials numbers one by one to your ISP until successful connection. When connection is established (or connection was broken) it will notify you by playing melody.
  • Email Checker will notify you about new email arrival. It will show subject, from whom this email and several lines of each email. It's fast and easy to use.
  • Reminder will notify you about all events you dont want to miss.

System requirements:

Voice modem, caller ID service enabled by the Phone Company

( By SoftCab Inc - Active Phone Server Publisher )

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